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Updated November 23, 2002 Patille Keleshian, born on October 25, 2000

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 Minnie Mouse

Admiring the Barney Birthday cake

Blowing the candle

Patille Fans

The Trio

Trick or Treating at Nani's

Trick or treating at George Dedeh's

Trick or Treating at Great Grandma's


Trick or Treating at Mima's

Trick or Treating at Uncle Varant's


Uncle Rafi escaped from Jail and went to Disneyland to Minnie Mouse 


Uncle Rafi's engagement to Marine

Aquarium Of the Pacific

With the Shark

Daddy and Me at Long Beach

Patille News

Patille is now 2 years old. She is 36 inches and 31 pounds.  She is fluently talking, talking and talking.  Not to forget her singing skills.  She is a very friendly and polite girl.  She sings the ABCs both in Armenian and English and by now she remembers all the letters.  She knows the names of her fingers in Armenian. She counts to 10 in English and Armenian with 100% accuracy.  She knows up to 10 colors.   

Patille is anxiously waiting for Christmas to come. This year she is having special guests. Her grandpa Mihran will be here fr from  from Lebanon, also her Great aunt Osan and uncle will be here from Thailand to spend the holidays with us.

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  


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